TCPBA is actively seeking volunteers of all ages. Included below is additional information. Feel free to
reach out by contacting or one of the volunteer mentors listed below. We
look forward to hearing from you!


Some of the volunteer positions desired are race committee members, marketing resources including
interns, play-by-play announcer, rescue boat driver, boat launch managers and assistants, race team
crew, rescue diver, post-race scale officials, Chief and Assistant referees, Chief and Assistant inspector,
risk manager and many other opportunities. You can even bring your own personal water craft or
fishing/pleasure boat to the races and have some fun on the water while serving as a patrol boat.

Race Committee

A race committee member can be of any age or experience. Volunteers shape the event from beginning
to end in partnership with the race director.

Participate in event planning and promotion

  • Develop and execute on event promotion strategy (Posters, Parades, Radio ads,
    interviews, newspaper, internet…etc)
  • Event Planning
  • Strategic layout Planning (Spectators, Pit Area, Officials, Vendor Stands…etc)

Participate on Race Day Setup/Execution

  • Assist with driver registration
  • Assist with race scoring/operation
  • PA Sound System Assistance
  • Assist with race scale setup
  • Help put up event fencing to ensure safety of spectators
  • Set the buoys on the race course


The organization is actively seeking personalities who may be interested in serving as a play-by-play race
announcer. This position can be a lot of fun as the announcer can use their creativity to help make the
event fun for everyone.

Rescue Boat Driver

The organization is actively seeking experienced boat drivers who enjoy the view of racing up close!
Rescue boat drivers will be trained by a seasoned veteran on standard procedures including what flags
to fly, and boat operation.

Patrol Boat Operator

Want to watch the racing action from the water? No problem! Bring a group of friends and your
watercraft (boat or Jet Ski) and watch the races and help the event on the water run efficiently.

  • Help minimize wakes
  • Provide tow to “stalled” competitor boats
  • Help prevent other boat traffic from entering the race course errantly despite outside course
  • Patrol boat volunteers may also serve as a consultant to race officials including the race referee
    and turn judges.

Crew for a race team

Race teams are always looking for motivated people who are looking to be involved with the success of
the race team! What may a crew member be involved with?

  • Driving the boat & trailer to and from the boat launch
  • Serving as a “Spotter” by providing information to the driver during the race
  • Boat holder for the modified leman’s start

Boat Launch Volunteers

The operation of the boat ramp is crucial to the success of a boat race. Volunteers work in partnership
to ensure boats are safely removed and put back on the trailers. This job seems to be a favorite for
people who love the water and meeting new people. The ramp volunteers will meet all the drivers and
crews from each team.

Race Scale Positions

Following each race, the top three competitors must weigh their boats to ensure compliance with
minimum weight standards. Boats are weighed complete with the driver. The scale manager works in
partnership with the race referee to ensure compliance.

Race Referee

Race referee requires some powerboat racing background and familiarity with the APBA governing
rulebook. The position requires completion of an APBA exam every calendar year. The referee is
responsible for ensuring the race is fair for all participants by upholding APBA class bylaws.

Turn Judge

Love to watch racing? Here’s an opportunity to provide feedback and additional perspective to the Chief
and Assistant referee’s regarding race maneuvers by participants. Turn judges help ensure that
participants follow APBA operating bylaws by water or land.

Chief and Assistant Scorers

The scorer and assistant scorers play pivotal roles in the events success. This person oversees
registration of participants and manages pit-pass waivers. Scorers also record lap times for each

Chief and Assistant Inspector

Inspector positions require some level of mechanical expertise. Each boat is safety inspected prior to
entering the water. Top finishers are also inspected to ensure their craft meets APBA engine and boat
bylaws. The inspectors work in partnership with other officials including the race director and referees.

Please keep in mind that the possibilities of volunteers are limitless! We look forward to hearing from

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